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Don't Sweat It: How to Get the Stink Out of Workout Clothes

Florida summers can leave you feeling drenched with sweat after just the short walk from your front door to your car. When you couple the blistering heat with a workout, you run the risk of sweaty, stinky clothes. If you have found yourself with a pair of workout shorts or a tank top that will seemingly not lose its smell, Hampers4U Laundry Service has a couple tips.

As a laundry service provider, we understand that having clean, fresh-smelling clothes is vital to a happy, fully functioning household. We are proud to serve our local community with only the best and most high-quality cleaning products as well as 24-hour turnaround time with pickup and dropoff options included. For more information on how we could help you out with any lingering stinks or stains, please call us at the number listed below.

3 Ways to Get the Stink Out of Workout Clothes

Struggling with a particularly stubborn smell in a pair of workout clothes? The professionals at Hampers4U Laundry Service have compiled a list of three different ways to possibly help, including the following:

Wash Immediately

It’s not necessarily the most convenient of options, but if you are able to partner your workout with a quick wash and dry cycle, it may prevent your clothes from remaining particularly odoriferous as time goes on. If you cannot immediately wash your clothes after your workout, you could always try washing your exercise clothes in a different load.

Try adding a cup of baking soda to the smellier parts of your clothes and letting it sit. The baking soda will act as a sponge of sorts and help neutralize the smell. You can then toss it into the washing machine as regular. For extra caution, you can dry the problematic workout clothes outside, letting the fresh air and wind naturally carry the odors away.

Check Your Washing Machine

It’s possible the clothes are not the problem and that your washing machine itself needs a little tidying. There are many different products out there that can help clean a mildewed washing machine. Most of them are a liquid detergent and require you to run the washing machine sans clothes to clean the appliance of any gunk or smell.

Make sure to regularly check the rubber gasket or any small holes in the door where mildew could easily build up.

Seek Professional Assistance

At the end of the day, a surefire way to save yourself time, energy, and the risk of stinky workout clothes is to seek out the assistance of a professional. Hampers4U Laundry Service is proud to offer a unique service that ensures all laundered clothes, sheets, and comforters are stain-free and smell fresh. Using professional techniques and only the highest quality of products, we are able to keep your products as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Receive Fresh Laundry in Less Than 24 Hours Starting Today

Don’t stress over a lingering odor; let the laundry experts at Hampers4U Laundry Service take care of it. We are equipped to handle even the trickiest and toughest scents, from workout clothes to your children’s soccer practice gear. All shapes and sizes of clothes and comforters can be handled in our equipment, and we offer additional ironing, hanging, and folding services as well.

To experience our cost-effective and efficient pick-up and drop-off services, please consider calling our office today to learn more at (352) 348-0369. You can also fill out our contact form with any questions you have.

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